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By continuing your request to access your policy, you will be redirected to the ASI website. If you wish to remain on the Ark Royal website, simply close this window.

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We're built to withstand what
misfortune AIMS to destroy.

Welcome to Ark Royal. Home to more than
100 new policyholders every day.

About Ark Royal

The roof over your head is always on our mind.

Highly rated financial stability plus catastrophe reinsurance more than double the minimum standard. With Ark Royal, you'll be safe and dry when disaster makes landfall.

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Our Policies

When was the last time you felt calm before, during and after a storm?

We offer several types of insurance to put your mind at ease; all backed by our superior financial strength and unsurpassed claims support.


Ark Royal customers also have access to other quality insurance coverage, including flood, excess flood and umbrella policies through our strategic alliance with ASI.

Agent Information

A force mightier
than any hurricane.

We wouldn’t be one of the fastest growing homeowners insurance companies around without the confidence and support of our independent agents. We carefully select agents who are well established in their communities and are supported by a highly trained staff with intimate knowledge of the market they serve.

You will receive a request status email within 30 days. Please note that due to a large number of requests, incomplete profiles will not be processed.

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News About
Florida Citizens Clearinghouse

Are you looking for a new insurance company?

If you and your agent are considering new options because your policy is no longer eligible to be in Citizens, then you are wise to consider Ark Royal Insurance. Your visit to our site tells us a knowledgeable and dedicated agent is representing you, and that you probably have a reasonably newer and well-maintained home. It also means that you are doing your homework. Good for you!

There are three simple questions you should ask when choosing a new insurance carrier. How leveraged are the company’s assets? How much reinsurance does it buy? And how well does it pay its claims? Once you ask these questions it’s easy to see, other choices just do not stack up to Ark Royal.

Our net premium written is 1.6 times our surplus. Your agent will tell you this is exceptional by industry standards. We buy reinsurance to the 1-150 pml*. This means that in the world of mathematical probabilities, we buy reinsurance that would fully protect us—and you—against a storm that comes along only once every 150 years. And we buy reinsurance for multiple events as well. Lastly, we have award winning claims service. According to the latest data (2012) from the FL Dept. of Financial Services, Ark Royal and our partner, ASI, had the least amount of complaints filed, as is the case most prior years as well.

In many ways, choosing your insurance company is a lot like choosing a doctor or lawyer. You hope you don’t ever need to call on them but if you do, you want the best on your side. We hope that you never have anything unfortunate happen to you or your property, but if anything does happen that causes you to need us, we’ll be there to make sure your policy coverage is paid promptly. That’s our promise to you.

*probable maximum loss